Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Alison Angel Wallpaper

I noticed that I had not posted any Alison Angel since last MAY.  Sorry.  Hopefully this will cover some of that withdrawal you might have been experiencing.  Like many people, Alison clearly enjoys the bottle.  Frankly, I'm enjoying Alison enjoying the bottle.  Hope you do too.

It's the Hat

Sometimes it's better to be cute than beautiful. But it's ALWAYS better to be cute AND beautiful. Let's be honest, if we're talking CREAM OF VENUS, we're really talking about Alison Angel, who of course resembles my "Amanda" character in "The Club" and in "The Phone Call". These wonderful pictures of course come courtesy of Alison's own private website as a sample, and frankly they're wonderful: playful, elegant, and incredibly compelling. What I wouldn't give for an hour with this young lady and a bottle of citrus mineral oil! Hell, I don't even want to have SEX with her. Just to have the opportunity to rub the oil in would be enough!

Milk Maid?

Or maybe beer maiden? Who knows? All I know is that Alison Angel likes playing dress up. Thank God, too. With this little strudel strutting around, we'll never see another Sour Kraut.

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